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Networking Breakfast - 19th April 2018

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Date 2018-04-19
Time 07:45 
LocationThe Pavilion
The Pavilion
Clifton College
College Road
Bristol BS8 
Further information

Join us for a complimentary breakfast:
in the Cricket Pavilion on
Thursday 19th April 2018
at 7:45am

These are informal, friendly events in a lovely setting with the right balance of sociability and business. The forum provides attendees the opportunity to meet, mix and network to build and extend relationships, establish trust and broaden interests.

This month Myles Watkins (WiH 84), District Judge,
will talk about "Wills and the role of the Court - a brief guide to Inheritance Act 1975"


Invitation is open to all current/previous parents, Old Cliftonians and Friends of Clifton.

Spaces are limited

please only sign up if you know you can attend.

click rsvp for this event at the top of the page to register.

Please note, all attendees that 'opt in' are added to a Friends of Clifton Networking Directory which is distributed to breakfast attendees.  
If you 'opt in', the contact name, number, email address and biography that you provide during registration is included within this directory.


Social networking
Please feel free to discuss this event on Facebook or help promote it by reposting on any Social Networks. You can invite friends to this event just by tagging them in post.

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