Will Hamilton-Davies (ET 2007-2016) publishes childrens book
Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Will Hamilton-Davies (ET 2007-2016) has crowdfunded and published his debut rhyming children’s picture book, The Shrew with the Flu, with illustrator of bestselling title A Place for Pluto, Jennifer Davison, and the help of eco-friendly guerrilla gardening company, Kabloom.

“We believe The Shrew with the Flu is an Important title for families to read in 2020 and beyond. Greed and the climate crisis are such important topics affecting young peoples’ futures. We felt compelled to support such a well written and beautifully illustrated book tackling these topics in a lovingly presented and fun way. It's never too early to learn how to be a good human!” – Darren, CEO of Kabloom Ltd.

Will pursued a degree in Journalism, Media and Culture from Newcastle University, after leaving Clifton.  

“Mr Hall (Lanion Hall) was one of my very first English teachers and also my Housemaster. Although I did not know it back then, he was probably my earliest mentor. During my early teens I was a handful for a lot of teachers – including Mr Hall - disrupting classes and doing my upmost to be seen and heard by everyone (my parents had just had a divorce – that was probably why). Mr Hall was the first person to tell me my writing had potential, and that I might one day see success with it if I just focused and tried a little harder. My A-level teacher, Miss Hawkins (Emily Hawkins), was the next big influence on my writing; she taught me discipline, and helped me to develop my own aspirations to be more nuanced, selective and mature with the content and structure of my work (clearly I’m still working my maturity!).”

Will’s story is written in rhyming verse and has already been endorsed by international bestselling authors, Amanda Prowse and David Litchfield. While speaking to Will, he was quick to touch upon the ways Clifton College empowered him to make a success of his writing.

Jo Newman, Ex Headmistress of Clifton College Preparatory School, says: “The Shrew with the Flu has easily become one of my 'go to' stories. It is thought provoking, empowering and has an especially relevant focus on the environment. There are so many aspects of this story to explore.