Senior Darwin (over 55) 2021 Golf Team
Wednesday, 30 June 2021
2021 team: Stephen Lapage, Johnathan Willcocks, Quentin Robey, Robert Dyson, John Dyson and John Capper, who bravely replaced Paul Trow at very short notice, Paul not having fully recovered from Covid19,

In round one we beat Eton, finally some consolation for having lost to them 8 times out of 8 in the Halford Hewitt. In round 2 we beat Radley 2-1 thanks to a spirited fightback by John Capper. and a win at the 19th from Robey and Lapage  At this point most of the team were panicking about the reliability of their battery powered trolleys or reserve batteries "borrowed" from their spouses.  John Dyson excepted, who carried his clubs throughout in the fierce humidity and heat (29C on both days).  

In the semi final we beat Uppingham 2-1, with Robey and Lapage winning the deciding game at the 21st (with a 5).  
In the final, despite Willcocks and John Dyson winning the battle of the top pairs, we lost to Tonbridge 2-1.  

The main difficulty at Woking, where the event is played,are the treacherous sloping greens, very similar to the challenging greens at Torrey Pines  (2021 US Open).  

We had support on both days. Tim Taylor, hon LLD, on day 1 and David Rowe on day 2.  Many welcome messages were received via the OC Golf WhatsApp Group.

Our handicaps ranged from 6 to 14.  You do not need to have played in the Halford Hewitt to be considered for the team.  Anyone with a handicap around the 14 mark, who can putt well,  has a good chance of selection.  You just need to volunteer.  There are no trials but we have our spies at Bristol and Clifton who can, if necessary, assess anyone living in the Bristol area.