Ashley Coates (NT 2008) has Bristol Book published
Tuesday, 19 July 2022
A new book brings together 365 fascinating facts about our city into a compendium of illuminating insights. From dinosaurs on the Downs to long lost railway stations, pirates, planes and the Plimsoll Line, the book is packed with information that will change your view of the city forever.
Officially launched on 19th July. The launch date was chosen to line up with the launch and return of the SS Great Britain.
Author Ashley Coates said: “A challenging medical condition forced me to go part-time and return to Bristol three years ago. I wanted to rediscover the city I had grown up in, going out of my way to find new places and try to understand the place better. This book is a product of that journey.” 

  • Know Bristol is available on Kindle, paperback and hardback in the Amazon store and in paperback on the Waterstones website. It is also available through other online retailers, distributors and will be available in local bookshops in the coming months
  • Every purchase of a book plants a tree via the Bristol-based social enterprise company, Ecologi
  • The SS Great Britain was launched from the Great Western Dockyard on 19th July, 1843. She returned to the very same dock in which she was built exactly 127 years later, on 19th July 1970. The book will officially launch on 19th July 2022
Commenting on the launch date: “I thought there was a beautiful symmetry in the Great Britain’s launch and ‘return’ dates. If you read the book one fact at a time from the 1st January onwards, dates such as this one will line up as you go along.”