Clifton pair win the Real Tennis Cuttermull Cup 2022
Saturday, 15 October 2022
Nick Esses (PH 1979) and Harry Swindon (SH 2014) played in the recent Cuttermull Cup Real Tennis tournament at MURTC (Middlesex University, Hendon) 

A thoroughly enjoyable event and out of 5 matches played they didn’t loose 1 set!

Cattermull Cup was also contested in October 2022 at the Middlesex Real Tennis Club . The OCs were represented by Nick Esses ( PH 1979) and Harry Swindon ( SH 2014) . In 2021 Nick and Harry were defeated in the Finals by a pair from Winchester who they had beaten in the pool matches . In 2022 , Nick and Harry made sure that this was to be their year for winning the Cattermull cup. In the semi- finals , they beat the Marlborough Pair 6/4 6/3 with Marlborough not being able to contain the hard hitting Clifton pair .In the finals , Harry and Nick came up against the pair from Harrow who they had narrowly beaten in the pool matches  . In the finals Nick and Harry, using their  handicap advantage to great effect , proved to be too strong for Harrow, winning out  6/2 6/1 . This was the third tome that Clifton had won the Cattermull  Jeff Avery ( ET 1964 )  and Miles Buckinghamshire (OH 1963) in 2010 and Johnny Beale( ST 2005 ) and Will Greig ( WaH 2005 ) in 2011.

Congratulations to Nick and Harry for their convincing win without dropping a set .