OC reaches Quarter Finals of Rackets British Doubles
Monday, 17 April 2023
Adam Kula-Przezwanski (NT 2001) and his partner Ben Bomford (old malvernian) (seeded 7) reached the quarter finals losing to the 1 seeds, one of the pair, Jamie Stout, is a former world and doubles singles champion. They lost 3/1 but very impressive to get a game!

James Telling (ET 2007) and Hector Don (old Carthusian) made the quarter finals knocking out the 8 in an almost 2 hour battle before succumbing to the 2 seeds.

February 28th was at match against the Old Haileyburians at Queens. Clifton won 2/1 represented  by James Telling (ET 2007) and David Mayes (SH 1981) Freddie Kalfayan (ET 2012) and Ben McGeoch (ET 2013) and Nick Esses (PH 1979) and Luke Sutor (SH 2022).