Valerie Jack (WoH 1999) publishes book
Friday, 2 June 2023
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OC Valerie Jack (WoH 1999)  has published a narrative non-fiction book, 'Living with Death without God,'. Her book tells the stories of non-religious people facing loss and illness, and explores how we can help ourselves and each other through the toughest times.

Chief Executive of Humanists UK, Andrew Copson has praised Living with Death without God as ‘wonderful,’ writing that its stories and reflections deal with the hard fact of death ‘with a thoughtfulness, warmth and breadth that should give comfort and meaning to all.’


Valerie has also just won the inaugural Chesham Literary Festival poetry competition with her poem ‘To The Eastern Edge With Mother;’ the poem is part of my newly-completed second poetry collection, Water Calls. Begun while she was living on a narrowboat, these poems tell of boat, island and coast-dwellers and explore our complex relationship with water - which gives us life, yet also has the power to destroy us.